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Digster by I See Monstas

The Skrillex endorsed, rising stars of the EDM scene, I See Monsta's hit No.1 in the UK & US iTunes electronic chart with their debut EP last year.

Flash forward to 2013 and following a slight name change (from Monsta) and the release of single number 2, "Messiah", back in May, the London-based trio - made up of producers Rocky and Rufio and frontman ‘Skaar’ - now drop their eagerly awaited new track ‘Evolution’.

Front and center in this track are all the elements of their signature sound; a fresh fusion of euphoric melodies & impassioned, soul/gospel tinged vocals over rave-y keys and break beat crunch.

To mark the release, we've also got a selection of the band's current favourite tracks which you can check out here:



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