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DJ KICKS- Home Listening DJ-MIX

380 excellent tunes for HOME LISTENING in a SKIPPABLE CONTINOUS MIX. Kick back and relax, this is the legendary DJ-Kicks series. Compiled by <a href="http://www.gubi.fm">www.gubi.fm</a> - If you like my playlists, please follow my spotify profile. All the albums contained in this playlist are completely mixed by the following artists: James Holden, Digitalism, Photek, Apparat, Kode9, Carl Craig, Breach, John Talabot, Maceo

Hercules And Love Affair, Maya Jane Coles, Scuba, Motor City Drum Ensemble, Gold Panda, Wolf+Lamb vs. Soul Clap, Juan McLean, Chromeo, Trüby Trio, Smith & Mighty,

DJ Cam.

DJ-Kicks started out in 1995 as a compilation of electronic DJ club-style mixes in the techno or house genres, with the then-novel twist of being targeted to a HOME LISTENING audience. Soon afterwards, both the choice of compilers and the genres included were expanded: In addition to DJs, more and more producers and remixers (like Kruder & Dorfmeister) compiled DJ-Kicks albums. The actual music began to vary wildly as well, ranging from Trüby Trio's downbeat jazz sound to drum and bass. Still, all contributions remain broadly within the electronic music genre.

This is website of the DJ-Kicks mix series, <a href="http://www.dj-kicks.com/">the home of the art of DJing</a>. For great infos and insights about all the artists and their mixes, downloads, up-to-date-releases and more please visit that homepage.



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