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Drum Solo Milestones

Best Drum Solos (Drum Solo Milestones) as Listed in DRUM! Magazine!

Best Solo of All Time

Artist: John Coltrane

Album: Love Supreme (1964)

Song: A Love Supreme, Pt 3: Pursuance

Drummer: Elvin Jones

Most Melodic Drum Solo

Artist: Dave Brubeck Quartet

Album: Time Out (1955)

Song: Take Five

Drummer: Joe Morello

Most Technically Dazzling Drum Solo

Artist: Billy Cobham

Album: Spectrum (1973)

Song: Stratus

Drummer: Billy Cobham

Most Out-of-Control Solo

Artist: The Who

Album: The Who Sings My Generation (1965)

Song: My Generation

Drummer: Keith Moon

Best Solo Over A Vamp

Artist: Steely Dan

Album: Aja (1977)

Song: Aja

Drummer: Steve Gadd

Most Overrated Drum Solo

Artist: The Surfaris

Album: Wipe Out (1963)

Song: Wipe Out

Drummer: Ron Wilson

Most Compositional Drum Solo

Artist: Rush

Album: Rush In Rio (2003)

Song: O Baterista

Drummer: Neil Peart

Most Indulgent Drum Solo

Artist: Motley Crue

Album: Dr. Feelgood (Tour)

Drummer: Tommy Lee

Fastest Drum Solo

Artist: Buddy Rich

Album: Big Swing Face (1967)

Song: Machine

Drummer: Buddy Rich

Best Jazz Drum Solo

Artist: Buddy Rich

Album: Mercy, Mercy (1968)

Song: Channel One Suite

Drummer: Buddy Rich

Most Original Drum Solo

Artist: Jimi Hendrix Experience

Album: Electric Ladyland (1968)

Song: Voodoo Chile

Drummer: Mitch Mitchell

Solo That Didn't Stand The Test of Time

Artist: Iron Butterfly

Album: In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida (1968)

Song: In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida

Drummer: Ron Bushy

Most Influential Drum Solo

Artist: Benny Goodman

Album: Sing, Sing, Sing (1935)

Song: Sing, Sing, Sing

Drummer: Gene Krupa

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