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Finger Magazine Charts 2011

First the Top 30 backwards to the top. And if you scroll down you get the rundown from 100 to 31.

30 Blood Orange - Sutphin Bloulevard (Domino)Lightspeed Champion took this moniker to come up with a ghostly sound that darkened our winter days in a very charming way.

29 Lia Ices - Wish You Were Here ("Return To The Dark Side Of The Moon, Mojo)When MOJO Magazine released this add-on CD compilation in August we were really awestruck. This is our favourite tune off the Pink Floyd cover version compilation.

28 Dirty Gold - California Sunrise (Autumn Tone)Sported by our friend Lexx almost throughout the whole year, this song came out much too early in the year. It's such a summer tune!

27 Molly Wagger - Weekend (Richard Norris Remix) (Tirk)One of the few remixes we have in this year's charts. Probably the best one when it comes to turning a rather dull pop song into a blinding dance floor smash. Bravo Richard Norris!

26 Mayer Hawthorne - When The Night Falls (Turbo)I think, it was two years ago when Hawthorne topped our charts. Since then we kinda lost a bit of the love. But then he covers a track by Chromeo and it's so catchy, you cant not nod your head to, and well, sing a long...

25 Torn Sail - Birds (Claremont 56)Claremont 56 keeps on releasing beautiful music over the last five or six years. This one came out twice in 2011. The second time around also with a sublime Cos/Mes remix.

24 Benjamin Francis Leftwich - The Boat ("Pictures", Dirty Hit)This was on our random playlist for almost the whole year. And every time hearing it, we were like: Who is this again? It's Benjamin Francis Leftwhich!

23 Psychemagik - Valley Of Paradise (Psychemagik)Danny from Psychemagik blew our mind early in the year when he showed us this beauty. Intentionally they wanted to replace the David Crosby vocals with a new singer. But when The Croz heard this new interpretation of Orleans he approved a sample for the very first time in lis life.

22 The Kills - The Last Goodybe ("Blood Pressures", Domino)Not their best album of their career, but "Blood Pressures" featured this heart-wrenching ballad. Miss Mosshart brings tears to our eyes again and again.

21 Little Dragon - Crystalfilm ("Ritual Union", Peacefrog)One of the most anticipated albums of the year fulfilled all the expectations. After their success the Gotheburg foursome fortunately didn't take the safty route and made an album full with otherworldly gems like this.

20 UNKLE feat Gavin Clark - Every Single Prayer ("Where Did The Night Fall - Another Night Out", Surrender All)Yes, its a dark tune. But then it's a real strong come back for James Lavelle's UNKLE outfit. Gavin Clark's voice is tampering and fits the orchestral arrangements perfectly. A match in heaven.

19 Agnes Obel - Riverside ("Philharmonics", PIAS)It was very early in the year, the streets still full of snow, when we first encountered Agnes Obel. And oh god, we were mesmerized! This is a talent beyond words. Eventhough a late 2010 release this must be in our 2011 charts.

18 Alessi's Ark - Wire ("Time Travel", V2)This tune came out in early spring. And it fitted it so well. It didnt leave our iPod for months. It was just fitted so aptly to cycle through the city with a big grin on the face.

17 Dillon - Thirteen Thirtyfive ("This Silence Kills", Bpitch)This tune was the equivivalent to Alessi's Ark "Wire". The tune we listened to the most in this year' fall when cycling thru the city and parks. And what a beatiful autumn it was!

16 Robag Wruhme - Pnom Gobal ("Thora Vukk", Pampa)When it comes to dance and electronic music this year was DJ Koze's Pampa Records' year. The albums by Ada, Isolee and of course "Thora Vukk" by Robag Wruhme. Setting new standards!

15 Holy Other - Know Where ("With You", Tri Angle)This year was the full breakthrough for a genre they call Chillwave. Ten years ago we would called this Triphop. Next to Washed Out and Chad Valley this guy from the UK caught our attention the most. And especially this object of beauty right here.

14 Processory - Adaption For Survival ("Change Is Gradual", Sugarcane)Juri Hulkonnen was never really on our set of mind. Until we got hold of this project of him and this killer of a tunage. Probably the song with the heaviest of rotation this year!

13 Hercules & Love Affair - It's Alright ("Blue Songs", Moshi Moshi)We only found out later that this is a cover version of a Pet Shop Boys track. Yes, we are very ignorant towards the two shitheads. Kim Ann Foxman's best delievery so far probably. Why this hasnt become more of anthem this year remains a riddle.

12 Gotye - Bronte ("Making Mirrors", Samples n Seconds)Almost overlooked this great album by Gotye. Would have been a big mistake, especially when hearing this track. Another classic!

11 Chad Valley - Reach Lines ("Equatorial Ultravox", Universal)We didnt even bother to find out what was sampled on this tune. It's just so fucking brilliant that we dont wanna spill the fun. Also one of the biggies in spring of this year.

10 DJ Shadow feat Little Dragon - Scale It Back ("The Less You Know, The Better", Universal)Shadow finally makes our top ten. But with the guide of Yukimi from Little Dragon he couldnt do much wrong. Well, he could have fucked up like Gorillaz and Big Balloon where she guested as well last year. This is a song that wont leave your brain for days, well weeks.

9 My Morning Jacket - The Morning Will Come ("Circuital", Universal)Still remember exactly the occassion when hearing this song for the first time. It was a sleepless night, about 5AM and then this songs comes on. Imagine what a good day it became!

8 Jessie Ware & Sampha - Valentine (Young Turks)Everything fits so well with this little love song. Crispy productions, out-of-this-world vocals and then this call-and-respond which makes you feel so full of love.

7 Love Inks - Leather Glove ("ESP", Hell Yes!)Stepping into the void The XX left without releasing any new stuff, The Love Inks from Austin brought this tender love song in a rather strange tone. So good!

6 Trembling Blue Stars - Half-Light ("Fast Trains And Telegraph Wires", Elefant Records)Also one of those songs that didnt leave our iPod for months. It kept on getting better and better. Eventhough it sounds timeless, it's so 2011!

5 Junior Boys - Playtime ("It's All True", Domino)The Junior Boys almost breaking the top 3. But what can you do when you have such a perfect pop song in your hands? You add lustry productions to it like our favourite Canadians do!

4 Seapony - Late Summer ("Go With Me", Hardly Art)How good is this?! Sounds like a forgotten album track from The Cocteau Twins or The Innocence Mission. But then, it's even much better. If you don't feel happy listening to this, you're a poor, sad, old fuck.

3 John Stammers - Idle I'm (Colorama Coloured In Remix) (Wonderfulsound)The Wonderfulsound camp comes back with another stunner. After hitting us with The Superimposers years ago, now it's Mr. Stammers. This is real music!

2 Mia Doi Todd - Paraty ("Cosmic Ocean Ship", City Zen)We also amost overlooked this hell of a talent. Only when Bing Ji Ling made a mix for us featuring Mia's "Summer Lover", we fell in love with her. And this is our favourite tune of her brilliant album. And, yes, almost our favourite track of the year.

1 Jonathan Wilson - Magic Everywhere ("Gentle Spirit", Cooperative Music)Well, we could have put almost every song off his debut album up here. Also our favourite album of the year, "Gentle Spirit" by Jonathan Wilson is an instant classic beyond any measurement. Nuff said. Congrats to Jonathan!

100 Metronomy - She Wants ("The English Riviera", Warner)

99 Cos/Mes - Hey Ya (ESP Institute)

98 Anoraak - Crazy Eyes ("Whereever The Sun Sets", Grand Blanc)

97 Shine 2009 - So Free (featuring Paula Abdul) ("Realism", Expo)

96 Rhythm Odyssey - Right On Up (For Love) ("Metaphysical Transition", Lipservice)

95 Clock Opera - Let Go The Lifeboats ("Belongings", Moshi Moshi)

94 AM & Shawn Lee - Different Forces ("Celestial Electric", Rykodsic)

93 Pink Skull - Jasmine Aubergine ("Psychic Welfare", RVNG Intl)

92 Kasper Bjorke - Discopick ("Symptoms", hfn)

91 Little Wings - Gold Teeth ("Black Grass", Marriage)

90 Locussolus - I Want It (International Feel)

89 Mountaineer - Golden Chalk (Version Idjut) (Leng)

88 Tridact - Time To Go ("Tridact", Internasjonal)

87 Tiedye - Fishermen's Bend (Lissvik Remix) (Italians Do It Better)

86 Prommer & Barck - Sleeping Beauty ("Alex & The Grizzly", Derwin)

85 Joan As Police Woman - Human Condition ("The Deep Field", Rough Trade)

84 Thieves Like Us - One Night With You (Nite Jewel Remix) ("Again And Again Remixed", Shelflife)

83 The Sea & Cake - Monday ("The Moonlight Butterfly", Thrill Jockey)

82 PJ Harvey - England ("Let England Shake", Island)

81 Morton Valence - I'm Gonna Stand By You ("Me & Home James", Bastard)

80 Yoav - Greed ("A Foolproof Escape Plan", You Are Here)

79 Jamie Woon - Shoulda ("Mirrorwriting", Polydor)

78 Hercules & Love Affair - Boy Blue ("Blue Songs", Moshi Moshi)

77 Doug Paisley Featuring Garth And Maud Hudson - Us And Them ("Return To The Dark Side Of The Moon", Mojo)

76 Freaks & 012 - Conscious Of My Conscience (Rebirth)

75 Owen - I Believe ("Ghost Town", Polyvinyl)

74 Giorgio Tuma - Oh Marc ("In the Morning We'll Meet", Elefant Records)

73 James Vincent McMorrow - This Old Machine ("Early In The Morning", Believe)

72 Cocoon - Cathderal ("Where The Ocean Ends", Universal)

71 DJ Quik - So Compton ("Book of David", Mad Science)

70 Bing Ji Ling - Where Am I Gonna Go ("Shadow To Shine", Tummy Touch)

69 Boof - Eric Has His G ("Shh Dandelions At Play", Bubbletease)

68 Gatto Fritto - Invisible College ("Gatto Fritto", International Feel)

67 Toro Y Moi - New Beat ("Underneath The Pine", Car Park)

66 Marcus Worgull - Long Way (feat. Prins Thomas) (Innervisions)

65 Virgo Four - It's A Crime (Caribou Remix) (Rush Hour)

64 Ada - Happy Birthday ("Meine Zarten Pfoten", Pampa)

63 Tropics - Going Back ("Parodia Flare", Planet Mu)

62 SBTRKT - Pharaohs ("SBTRKT", XL)

61 Thundercat - For Love I Come ("The Golden Age Of Apocalypse", Brainfeeder)

60 JR Seaton - Way Savvy (Relish)

59 Jonathan Wilson - Gentle Spirit ("Gentle Spirit", Cooperative Music)

58 Jamie XX - Far Nearer (Numbers)

57 Mia Doi Todd - Summer Lover ("Cosmic Ocean Ship", City Zen)

56 Low - You See Everything ("C'mon", Sub Pop)

55 Capablanca & T Keeler - No Hay Ritmo (Gomma)

54 DJ Shadow - I've Been Trying ("I Gotta Rokk", Universal)

53 High Llamas - Talahomi Way ("Talahomi Way", Drag City)

52 Jessica Lea Mayfield - Our Hearts Are Wrong ("Tell Me", Nonesuch)

51 Our Broken Garden - Breathe ("Return To The Dark Side of The Moon", Mojo Magazine)

50 Jonathan Jeremiah - Lost ("A Solitary Man", Island)

49 Rome - Two Against One (feat. Jack White) ("Rome, Parlophone)

48 Crazy P - The Unbearable Lightness Of Being ("When We On", 20/20 Vision)

47 Lover Lover - Freebirds (Cross Key's)

46 Jonathan Wilson - Can We Really Party Today? ("Gentle Spirit", Cooperative Music)

45 Lykke Li - I Know Places ("Wounded Rhymes", Warner)

44 Iron & Wine - Walking Far From Home ("Kiss Each Other Clean", 4AD)

43 Holy Ghost! - Some Children ("Holy Ghost!", DFA)

42 The Stepkids - Shadows On Behalf ("The Stepkids", Stones Throw)

41 Rome - Season's Trees (feat. Norah Jones) ("Rome, Parlophone)

40 Coyote - Our Time ("Half Man Half Coyote", Is It Balearic?)

39 Kid Creole & The Coconuts - I Do Believe ("I Wake Up Screaming", Strut)

38 Bart Davenport - Autumn Lullaby ("Searching For Bart Davenport", Tapete)

37 Peter Broderick - Old Time ("Music For Confluence", Erased Tapes)

36 Neville Skelly - Colours Collide ("Poet & The Dreamer", Watertown)

35 Michael Kiwanuka - Tell Me A Tale (Communion Records)

34 Other Lives - Great Sky ("For 12", TBD Records)

33 Phoenix Foundation - Eventually ("Buffalo", Pias)

32 Thurston Moore - Illuminine ("Demolished Thoughts", Matador)

31 Princeton - To The Alps (Hit City USA)



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