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Funky Drummer

The "Funky Drummer" is a funk song recorded by James Brown and his band in 1969. It was originally released as a vinyl single in 1970 by King Records (with A and B-sides) and re-released in 1986 by Polydor Records as part of the compilation album "In The Jungle Groove". The re-release incorporates the A-side and B-sde into a single track entitled "Funky Drummer (Parts 1 & 2)".

The recording's drum solo, performed by drummer Clyde Stubblefield, is one of the most frequently sampled rhythmic breaks in hip hop and popular music; indeed, it lays a strong claim to being the most sampled recording ever.

This playlist incorporates over 40 songs that have sampled the Funky Drummer over the years. Not surprisingly there are a lot of hip-hop artists in there but also more mainstream artists like George Michael, New Order and Sinead O' Connor.



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