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Gibson.com Top 50 Metal Songs Of All Time

Defining metal music is never easy, but for this all-time list, Gibson.com opted to leave bands like Led Zeppelin and Queen in the hard rock camp and concentrate on the heavier metal sounds – Iron Maiden, Sabbath, Metallica and the like. Gibson.com recently called upon its editors, writers and – most importantly – readers, to weigh in on the greatest metal songs of all time.

The playlist starts at number 50 and ends with number one: Master of Puppets by Metallica.

The top track and 8 others unfortunately were unavailable on Spotify. See the missing tracks below:

50 10.000 Days Tool

35 Fade To Black Metallica

32 Highway To Hell AC/DC

23 Let It Go Def Leppard

19 Back in Black AC/DC

18 Enter Sandman Metallica

14 Hells Bells AC/DC

8 One Metallica

1 Master Of Puppets Metallica

Rock on and enjoy!

Heavy Metal
Heavy Metal
Heavy Metal


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