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Great Swedish Metal

Europe – Cherokee

Hammerfall – Always Will Be

Dark Tranquillity – Hours Passed In Exile

Yngwie Malmsteen – Heaven Tonight

Bad Habit – To Love You

Amon Amarth – Death in Fire

Backyard Babies – Brand New Hate

Hypocrisy – Born Dead Buried Alive

Pain – I'm Going In

Morgana Lefay – Grand Materia

Treat – Rev It Up

Theory In Practice – Submissive

Hardcore Superstar – We Don't Celebrate Sundays

The Poodles – Night of Passion

Mustasch – Double Nature

Candlemass – Where The Runes Still Speak

Heat – Keep On Dreaming

The Hellacopters – By The Grace Of God

Entombed – Eyemaster

Soilwork – Figure Number Five

Talisman – Nowhere Fast

Falconer – Heresy in Disguise

Arch Enemy – Dead Eyes (See No Future)

Heavy Metal
Heavy Metal
Heavy Metal


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