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Hot Chip – Remixes and More

The British electropop band Hot Chip are not only masters of their own music, their own scene, they've also managed to make many great remixes as well as individual guest appearances and solo efforts.

They often leave clear traces of their unmistakable style, both musically as well as with the help of Alexis Taylor's voice.

The fact that Hot Chip is appreciated by many becomes particularly clear when exploring the diversity of the musical genres represented by the bands and artists they've worked with. These include everything from The Pharcyde to Kraftwerk.

I have picked out some of the best remixes, outtakes, solo projects and guest appearances made by Hot Chip and its members - that are available on Spotify (far from all).

My favorite remix? Ladytron's "Destroy Everything You Touch", whose original version actually already is a masterpiece. Maybe that's why I like it so much? The list includes two different versions.



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