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John Peels All time Festive 50 - 2000

John Peel - A legend. This is his festive 50 from the year 2000, a summary of his all time favorite tracks to date from his festive 50s.

A few tracks here have been substituted or left out because they are unavailable:

13) Capt Beefheart & His Magic Band - 'Big Eyed Beans from Venus)

24) The Fall - 'How I wrote 'Elastic Man'' - Replaced

25) Wedding Present - 'My Favorite Dress' - Replaced

27) My Bloody Valentine - 'You made me realise' - replaced

31) Belle & Sebastian - 'Lazy line painter Jane' - replaced

45) The beatles - I am the Walrus

49) Culture - 'Lion Rock'

Although heavily biased towards the heavy crunchy guitar sound pioneered by Joy Division, this list gives you a small glipse into the mans mojo...... Hope you enjoy this list, I'm hoping to get all the individual lists from the original festival 50s from 1977 until his untimely death.



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