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Misfits (Complete Series 1-5)

A playlist containing all the music used in E4's brilliant show Misfits. Contains nearly all the tracks* from every season in the order they're used within the show.

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For more information, visit the Misfits website at <a href="http://bit.ly/hmlNTI">www.e4.com/misfits</a>.

Original theme music, such as the Simon/Alysha theme, is produced by Beetroot Music in London (<a href="http://on.fb.me/hr3Z91">Facebook page</a>, with a load of decent length tracks on their <a href="http://bit.ly/htuoHs">SoundCloud page</a>). You can also <a href="http://amzn.to/eITtXy">buy the soundtrack</a> or <a href="http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B005GS5RXQ">download the original score</a> from Amazon UK.

<strong>SEASON ONE</strong>

<em>Episode One:</em> Hot Chip / Out at the Pictures -> UNKLE / Lonely Soul

(missing track: We Don't Stop, Skip And Pounce / C Pennington & Offkey)

<em>Episode Two:</em> Jeff Beck / Rollin' and Tumblin' -> Neil Diamond / Girl, You'll Be a Woman Soon

(possibly incorrect mix: Aphex Twin / Tamphex)

<em>Episode Three:</em> Hardknox / Attitude -> Sam and Dave / A Place Nobody Can Find

(missing tracks: La Roux / Growing Pains)

<em>Episode Four:</em> Taj Mahal / Johnny Too Bad -> Underworld / Beautiful Burnout

(incorrect versions: Hotel California [Gipsy Kings in Spanish, or Sam Diego cover]; live version of Justice / Stress; incorrect mix of Skepta / Rolex Sweep) (missing track: Benga / E Trips)

<em>Episode Five:</em> The Corteeners / Not Nineteen Forever (acoustic) -> Damien Rice / Delicate

<em>Episode Six:</em> The Horrors / Primary Colours -> Blur / To the End

(missing track: Mahler / Symphony Number 2 in C Minor)

<strong>SEASON TWO</strong>

<em>Episode One:</em> Black Rebel Motorcycle Club / Take My Time/Rifles -> Steve Mason / All Come Down

<em>Episode Two:</em> Howlin' Wolf / Smokestack Lightnin' -> Matta / U.F.O.

(incorrect mix: UNKLE / Restless, should be Fake Blood Remix)

<em>Episode Three:</em> The Velvet Underground / Run Run Run -> Foals / Spanish Sahara

<em>Episode Four:</em> Zero 7 / Ghost sYMbOL -> Massive Attack / Paradise Circus

(missing tracks: Phil Kieran / Empty Vessels)

<em>Episode Five:</em> Echo and the Bunnymen / The Killing Moon -> Leonard Bernstein / Adagio for Strings

<em>Episode Six:</em> John Langley / Some Enchanted Evening -> Labi Siffre / I Don't Know What Happened to the Kids

<em>Christmas Special:</em> Eels / Christmas is Going to the Dogs -> Little Donkey

(incorrect version: Little Donkey performed by the cast)

<strong>SEASON THREE</strong>

<em><a href="http://www.channel4.com/programmes/misfits-online-vegas-baby/4od">Vegas Baby!</a> webisode:</em> Bo Diddley / I'm a Man -> Ike & Tina Turner / Proud Mary

(I don't know the song at 5m as Nathan runs and the instrumental at 6m as he pushes)

<em>Episode One:</em> Blood Red Shoes / It's Getting Boring By The Sea -> The Sonics / Have Love Will Travel

<em>Episode Two:</em> Funki Porcini / This Ain't the Way to Live -> Ratatat / Loud Pipes

<em>Episode Three:</em> The Jimi Hendrix Experience / Stone Free -> Massive Attack / Special Cases

(missing track: Brian Eno & James Castle / Lay My Love)

<em>Episode Four:</em> The Raconteurs / Rich Kid Blues -> Cults / You Know What I Mean

<em>Episode Five:</em> Anna Calvi / Rider to the Sea -> Cults / You Know What I Mean

(missing track: Four Tet / She Just Likes To Fight; incorrect version: should be instrumental version of Cults / You Know What I Mean)

<em>Episode Six:</em> DJ Shadow / I Gotta Rokk (Irn Mnky Swagger mix) -> Bon Iver / Holocene

(missing track: Wolf People / Time)

<em><a href="http://www.channel4.com/programmes/misfits-online-erazer/4od">Erazer</a> webisode:</em> Black Rebel Motorcycle Club / Spread Your Love -> Sleigh Bells / Infinity Guitars

(I don't know the instrumental at 10m, might have missed some other instrumentals)

<em>Episode Seven:</em> Nicole Scherzinger / Poison -> Cass McCombs / The Lonely Doll

(missing track: Elephant / Allured)

<em>Episode Eight:</em> LCD Soundsystem / Get Innocuous! -> The Bees / I Love You

(missing track: Four Tet / Angel Echoes (Jon Hopkins remix))

<strong>SEASON FOUR</strong>

<em>Episode One:</em> Napalm Death / Analysis Paralysis -> Kimbra / Good Intent

<em>Episode Two:</em> Sufjan Stevens / To Be Alone With You -> Harry Nilsson / Don't Forget Me

(missing track: Au Pairs / We're So Cool)

<em>Episode Three:</em> Death in Vegas / Soul Auctioneer -> Bobby Bland / Ain't No Love in the Heart of the City

(might be the wrong version of the Macarena. Sue me!)

<em>Episode Four:</em> Lana del Ray / Blue Jeans -> Devotchka / How It Ends

<em>Episode Five:</em> Bon Iver / Calgary -> Bon Iver / re:stacks

(missing tracks: Mister Lies / I Walk; Thom Yorke / Skip Divided)

<em>Episode Six:</em> LCD Soundsystem / North American Scum -> Kasabian / Apnoea

(missing track: Fred V / Simple Beginnings)

<em>Episode Seven:</em> Tindersticks / People Keep Comin' Around -> Aaron Neville / Hercules

(incorrect versions: Frankie Goes to Hollywood and The Human League performed by cast)

<em>Episode Eight:</em> Jamie Lidell / Gypsy Blood -> Liars / Brats

(missing track: IO Echo / Stalemate)

<strong>SEASON FIVE</strong>

<em>Episode One:</em> Digitalism / Pogo -> The Velvet Underground / Pale Blue Eyes

(missing tracks: The Stag Heads / You Can Make It, The Saltlands Band / Making Money)

<em>Episode Two:</em> TNGHT / Acrylics -> Lanterns on the Lake / The Places We Call Home

<em>Episode Three:</em> The Knife / Full of Fire -> East 17 / Stay Another Day

(incorrect versions: the first Power of Love should be performed by cast, Mr Blobby / Mr Blobby; missing track: Sol Seppy / Part Of)

<em>Episode Four:</em> Bunny Lee & Friends / Idlers on the Street (with Joy White) -> Kings of Convenience / The Weight of My Words (Four Tet remix)

(missing tracks: The Stag Heads / I Just Wanna Get Away; Nouvelle Vague / The Killing Moon)

<em>Episode Five:</em> The Beach Boys / Don't Worry Baby -> The Seeds / Excuse, Excuse

<em>Episode Six:</em> Dusty Springfield / Give Me Time -> Correcto / Inuit

(missing track: Lapalux / Without You (feat. Kerry Leatham))

<em>Episode Seven:</em> Charles Bradley feat. Menahan Street Band / The World (Is Going Up in Flames) -> Zomby / Overdose

(possibly incorrect mix: Breach / Jack)

<em>Episode Eight:</em> Hot Chip / Out at the Pictures -> The Spinto Band / Oh Mandy

<i>"This could be the start of something huge, I can feel it in my nutsack"</i> - Rudy, S5Ep8

* (23 tracks completely missing, from 314 tracks used in the show. Alternate mixes/versions of 10 tracks. Playlist image from <a href="http://radioactivemongoose.tumblr.com/post/3412604553">here</a>.)



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