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HILL COUNTRY BLUES (North Mississippi)

Hill country blues is a regional style of African American music regarded as distinct from Mississippi Delta blues... characterized by emphasis on rhythm and percussion (including fife & drum music and the prominent use of the slide guitar), tunes built from guitar riffs, few chord changes, unconventional song structures, and an emphasis on the "groove" or a steady, driving rhythm (sometimes referred to as a "drone" style)... an anthropologist who has done extensive fieldwork in the Hill Country of Northern Mississippi, recorded black families there who play polyrhythmic music in their homes on chairs, tin cans, and empty bottles. He reports that among the area’s older black fife and drum musicians, making the drums “talk it” – that is, playing rhythm patterns that conform to proverbial phrases or the words of popular fife and drum tunes – is considered the sign of a good drummer. This enduring tradition of fold polyrhythm played an important part in the development of Mississippi Blues

(Taken from Wikipedia).

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