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Notes from a Volcanic Island

If your eagerly awaiting the Spotify release of Björk's Vulnicura then hopefully this playlist may offer you some respite in the meantime.

Notes from a Volcanic Island is a celebration of some of the best Icelandic music on Spotify. Featuring artists such as Björk, Múm, Sigur Rós and Sóley alongside many lesser-known but equally brilliant artists. The music featured in this playlist fuses folk, indie and ambient with electronica, creating a melancholic and ethereal soundscape.

The isolation of an island seems to foster the creation of a unique musical heritage, one which reflects the natural landscape. You can hear the sunshine in Jamaican music, you get a feel for the countryside and pub's in Irish folk. The Icelandic music in this playlist also seems to be a reflection of its harsh, unique and beautiful environment. Aside from the natural environment there is also an urban dynamic to this music which seems to represent the buzz of modern Reykjavík.




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