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Playlist Inspired By Hotline Miami

The critically lauded Hotline Miami wherein the player, through the considerable disconnect of a birds eye view, controls the protagonist known only as Jacket on his long and meticulous killing spree. Nothing is a good reminder of one's own precarious mortality like experiencing the satisfaction of slicing someone neatly in half with a machete, Hotline Miami surely satisfy in violent humour, retro gameplay, addictive score sheets and a soundtrack that reflects the grotesque and garish re-imagining of the eighties in which the game takes place; where the only things that exist are buildings full of guys to slaughter built upon a surreal backdrop of gently pulsating neon oblivion. I like hurting people, as long as it's retro 16-bit graphics with dark hypnotic synthwave and retrowave in the background, psychedelic, chilling ambience during thoroughly disturbed dream sequences in which you confront mask-wearing incarnations of your own consciousness or cool hip hop instrumentals when you receive strange phone calls or hang out in the store with the ginger who always break the fourth wall. Hotline Miami is a trip, enjoy the ride



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