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Pop på svängelska - Swedish beat of the 60's

A rare compilation of swedish versions of pop hits from the 1960's.

In the 60's it was very common for swedish artists to re-record swedish versions of popular hits of the day. The reason for this was that the swedish Top of the pops only allowed music sung in native swedish so the quickest way to get a hit was to translate a charttbuster from the US, UK or even France.

Most of them are in the vein of Burt Bacharach and Carole King but you will also find a touch of Motown and country.

Don't miss classics like Son of a preacher man, 24 hours from Tulsa, You're so vain, Jackson, Raindrops keep falling on my head, God only knows and many many more.

Yes, some of them are crap in comparison to the originals but some are quite good. Most of all it's fun and charming!

Thanks to Anna, Christian, Annika and Linda for contributing to this list.



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