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<p>A collection of Power Metal...</p>

<p>Luca Turilli - Rondeau In C Minor - Instrumental<br />Luca Turilli - Black Realm's Majesty<br />Hammerfall - Living In Victory<br />Labyrinth - Moonlight<br />Circus Maximus - Sin<br />Rhapsody - Triumph For My Magic Steel<br />Yngwie Malmsteen - Motherless Child<br />Freedom Call - Dancing With Tears In My Eyes<br />Brazen Abbot - Eye Of The Storm<br />Sonata Arctica - FullMoon<br />Nightwish - Deep Silent Complete<br />Yngwie Malmsteen - On The Run Again<br />Labyrinth - Heaven Denied<br />Savatage - Stranger In The Dark<br />Brazen Abbot - Day Of The Eagle<br />Symphonity - Gates Of Fantasy<br />DragonForce - Inside the Winter Storm<br />Nightwish - Ghost Love Score<br />Insania - Life After Life<br />Freedom Call - Tears Of Taragon<br />Spellblast - In The Name Of Odin<br />Yngwie Malmsteen - Trilogy Suite Op: 5<br />Vision Divine - The Secret Of Life<br />Vision Divine - Colours Of My World<br />Avantasia - Farewell<br />Mattsson - Prelude To Life<br />Mattsson - I’m Coming Home<br />Nightwish - Sahara<br />Derdian - Anubi's Call<br />Altaria - Discovery<br />Brazen Abbot - Twist Of Fate<br />Brazen Abbot - Line Or Fire<br />Gary Moore, Phil Lynott - Out In The Fields<br />Axel Rudi Pell - Flyin' High<br />Winterlong - From Heaven To Hell<br />Circus Maximus - Arrival Of Love<br />Artension - Future World<br />Tragedian, Andreas Babuschkin - Conquerors<br />Shadowkeep - Inner Sanctum/Queen Of The Reich - Hidden Track<br />Shadowkeep - Atalanta Fugiens - Instrumental<br />Firewind - Destination Forever<br />Saidian - Stroke Of Genius<br />Stratovarius - Hunting High And Low<br />Domain, Carsten Schulz, Axel Ritt - Last Days Of Utopia<br />Angel Of Eden - Return Of The Pharaoh - Pt. I<br />Guardians of Time - Faceless Society<br />Shining Fury - Fast &amp; Easy<br />Sonata Arctica - The Cage<br />Kiuas - The Spirit of Ukko<br />Dionysus - Illusion Of Life<br />Rhapsody - Queen Of The Dark Horizons</p>

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