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Rap Wordsmiths (PopChartLab)

A Ranking of Rappers by Size of Vocabulary.

# of Unique Words used within an artist's first 35,000 words.

Who boasts the most Brobdingnagian (i.e., biggest) vocabulary in hip-hop? Featuring 100 meticulously hand-drawn MC effigies, the Pop Chart Labs chart of lyrical locution analyzes the lexical freshness of nearly every rapper of repute—including Drake, the Wu-Tang Clan and cult favorite Aesop Rock—tabulating the number of unique words used in each artist’s first 35,000 lyrics (roughly equal to 3-5 albums).

Produced and expanded in conjunction with Matt Daniels, and adapted from his original "Largest Vocabulary in Hip-Hop.


This playlist has been made to support this ill creation. One song has been chosen from each artist (personal choice) and has been ranked in the order of #1 Wordsmith (Aesop Rock) to the Last (DMX, sigh)



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