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Dearest listener,

If you enjoy listening to superficial and shallow meaningless songs, you are looking at the wrong playlist entirely. This playlist has been created for the 25th anniversary of Real World Records, the world music label founded by Genesis member, WOMAD founder and world music pioneer, Peter Gabriel in 1989.

Since its first release that year, being "Passion - Music for The Last Temptation of Christ," Real World Records has introduced us to many music forms from across the globe. Being a fan of the music label, I, Ralphie Saavedra, have decided to make a playlist complied with music from the artists of the label, as well as music from its founder, Peter Gabriel. This playlist also has music from Phil Collins and the respective band of the two, Genesis.

I shall continue to bring about the best playlists available, but, I prefer you seek worse fare, like the album Bangerz.

With all due respect,




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