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Rhodes, Hammond, Wurlitzer & Associates

Organ (Hammond) and electric piano (Fender, Wurlitzer) have been coloring sound for over forty years.

Twenty-four months in the works, this list is a paean to these mighty and highly expressive forces of music. Don't worry: it is NOT a selection of directionless jamming. While it contains some hyperexciting improvs, it also focusses on the gentler tapestries unfolded by organs and electric pianos. Sometimes even limited to some carefully sprinkled single notes.

This selection lasts for over a day and will be updated continuously. So please send me YOUR suggestions too! But to cut a long story short: sit back, REALLY LISTEN, and discover!

PS The perfect solo? Must be a Mexican stand-off between 'Dark Star' by Crosby, Stills & Nash (electric piano by Craig Doerge) and 'Jamie Marie' by Girls (organ by Dan Eisenberg). Both had a prominent role at my wedding ...

One final thing: NO-ONE equals Chick Corea.



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