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S/He Loves Me Not: A Playlist For You Only

Hmm? What's that, my sweetness? What? Wait, what? You want to what? See other people? You want to “stay friends?” You’ve gotta be ******* kidding me. Seriously? A week before VALENTINE'S DAY!? Didn’t you... aren’t we... how long have you... oh, forget it. Forget you. There are plenty of fish in the sea. Oh god, this is the worst Valentine’s Day ever. I feel so alone. So... unloved. Nobody loves me. Did you ever love me? I doubt it. Love is a sham. Love is a steaming pile of manure. Ugh. This sucks. This holiday sucks. Reminds me of a song. Actually, a bunch of songs. Songs about heartbreak, bitterness, and woe. This one’s for you, baby.



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