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Schiller Lounge 2014-02-08

Schiller Lounge Playlist vom 08.02.2014.

Fehlende Titel (nicht auf Spotify), dieses Mal sind das leider recht viele, Rob Simonsens Soundtrack des Filmes "The Spectacular Now" ist auf Spotify nicht verfügbar (viele Dank an die Labels):


Missing Titles (not on Spotify), this time quite a few of them, Rom Simonsen's Soundtrack of the motion picture "The Spectacular Now" is unavailable on Spotify (thanks to the Labels):

Late // Teen Daze

It's in the Air // Rob Simonsen

Amy's House // Rob Simonsen

Prom Flask // Rob Simonsen

Im'ing Cassidy // Rob Simonsen

The Future // Teen Daze

Drive to Dad's // Rob Simonsen

Apollo Peak // Schiller

Drops (Wake Up) // Chris Coco

Leaving Her // Rob Simonsen

Towards An Unknown Future // Rob Simonsen



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