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A walk in the dark forest

Forest Dark psy - The music We love!

All elfs, fearies, gnomes and trolls.

Dark psytrance (also dark psy, forest trance, horror trance, horror psy, psycore, or black trance) is a darker, faster and more distorted form of psychedelic trance music, with tempo ranges usually from 145 to 180 BPM, but reaches +220 BPM. "It is in Russia where so called "Dark psy" (experimental genre of psytrance music, which traits include gloomy infernal aestethics in the tradition of Hardcore, high BPM level, dense basslines, lack of melodies, and the introduction of variety of samples from Horror films, screaming, different noises and effects) is getting to the popularity of Full On originating in Russia and Germany, the style has recently expanded to other countries worldwide.




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