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Slow Jams, when Soul was called Soul, not R&B

I'm kinda stuck here. This is my first collaborative playlist. My physical collection of some 60's, mostly 70's Soul music is quite big. Spotify however recognizes just a limited number of my tracks and my knowledge is way too limited to call this playlist 'complete' or final.

A work in progress so to speak. I invite everyone interested to contribute to this playlist to make it better.

Only thing I ask is to respect the common 'denominator' if you recognize it. No modern day 'Soul' they nowadays call R&B unless you truly feel it fits in.

Please, it's not to judge what is right or wrong, better or worse. The 50's and 60's Soul music lovers most likely believe they have anything or little in common with us 70's luminaries. And that's ok!

That's what they call a possible generation conflict and it's been there ever since the dawn of time.

But, no pun intended, for those who lived it, it did sound 'different' in the 70's or early 80's. I trust you'll know it when you hear it ;-) Do have a go at it and contribute!




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