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Strictly BASS... 50

Strictly BASS came into existence on the 4th May 2010 when I uploaded the very first in the series. It started as an outlet for all the tracks that I couldn't publish in the Strictly DNB series which was already 10 playlists in.

Since then it's grown and evolved into a playlist series that contains only the freshest and heaviest basslines on Spotify. I've also published dozens of tracks that have been sent to me via twitter or Spotify, so I do appreciate the interaction with the listeners.

The guys here at Playlists.net were nice enough to make me a playlist partner in the early days which has helped to keep me ever present in the member chart since it was created over 130 weeks ago!

Thanks to Playlists.net for all the playlist of the weeks as well as every single person who has checked it out and subscribed, here's to the next 50.

Tracks & mixes by:

Katy B, Jakes, The xx, John Newman, Rusko, Funtcase, Savant, Borgore, Benga, Disclosure, Doctor P, Tiesto even Bruno Mars!

For all the instalments visit the Strictly BASS <a href="http://playlists.net/playlists/strictly-bass">homepage</a>

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