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Summer '13: Boats, Bars, Ballads

The April showers have brought the May flowers, and the standard-time hours are gone, which can only mean one thing — Summertime has officially arrived.

So far the Summer ’13 is looking like it may be a exceptional time for music; and this playlist — while starting out as a compilation of some tunes that place me in the Summer mood — will for the remainder of the Summer have various songs added to it.

Of course, it is my personal opinion that no Summer playlist would be complete without an appearance by a band which comes to signify all things summer — The Beach Boys so of course count on them being on here.

So like Jimmy Buffet now is the time again to step into the happy hour haze, crank up the AC, wax down your surfboards, and enjoy the long, hot days and sultry, cool nights; with this music as a companion piece to your adventures.



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