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syknyk presents... RAVE ANTHEMS

There's an old habit in the music industry to jump on a genre bandwagon and milk it until it's dead.

Every week all the big labels release compilations for pretty much any genre. Tropical House, Ibiza, Chillout, Acoustic... the list goes on.

It all started however in the early 90's with a genre known as RAVE. Yes, it's one of those genres that doesn't actually exist, very much like EDM.

That didn't stop all the majors from pumping out endless RAVE compilations, getting to the point where people stopped knowing what RAVE actually was. It got so bad that artists that didn't even make electronic music ended up on these compilations.

What I've done is take a look at some of the better examples of the kind of music you got on these collections, the major label signed artists and the over achieving self published acts and put them all together in one playlist.

<a href="http://playlists.net/aroughguidetooldskoolrave">For those of you who prefer your RAVE a little more true to what it actually was there's this little playlist that covers 88-93.</a>

And for the modern day RAVE ANTHEMS visit the STRICTLY BASS <a href="http://playlists.net/playlists/strictly-bass">homepage</a>



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