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Tango (Without The Wrist Slitting)

Anyone who has ever become addicted to tango without first acquiring a smattering of 'español rioplatense' will find that they are often dancing to the incomprehensible lyrics of songs from what is very very seriously referred to as the 'golden age' of tango music. For the newly initiated, it would seem that this 'golden age' occurred when hamming it up passed for drama, the recording techniques were aspiring to be less than appalling, the orchestras sounded as though they were drowning in a scratchy fog and re-recordings from worn 78rpm shellac achieved a worshipping cult following. However, prolonged exposure to the resulting funereal sounds has led many an aspiring tango dancer to begin sharpening grandad's cut throat razor or gazing longingly at the ledges of high buildings. But I was forewarned before I began my tango walk and, as ever, I know that music always provides its own antidote and so - to simply save my soul - I curated a playlist on Spotify entitled 'Tango sin de corte la muñeca ' .... which {I hope} roughly translates as 'Tango Without The Wrist Slitting'... and was delighted to find that tango and laughs and music that can be played on contemporary sound systems do happily or sadly and atmospherically combine.



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