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the entire Radio 2 Top 2000 of 2009 (Dutch)

Or as complete as possible, anyway. My girlfriend and I have spent several days copy and pasting from the official Top 2000 list (2009 edition, can be found here: http://top2009.radio2.nl/page/lijsten_jaar) into Spotify to create this amazing complete playlist.

Depending on your country and whether you are Premium or not, you should have between 1500 - 1550 tracks in there. That's 75 to 78% completion! That's nearly 4 in 5 songs.

However, not all the tracks were to be found, so our apologies if your favorite is not there, blame it on the record companies or the Spotify database ;).

If you like this playlist, feel free to drop us a note or comment, we'd like to know how you feel about this list!



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