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The essential skateboarding soundtrack

A bunch of songs from a bunch of skate videos:

Rock n' Roll Suicide, David Bowie (Arto Saari in Flip Sorry)

New York Groove, KISS (from a Fourstar advert I found on youtube..)

Every You and Every Me, Placebo (Mark Appleyard, Flip Sorry)

Full Clip, Gang Starr (Rob Dyrdek in The DC Video)

Where Is My Mind? The Pixies (Dustin Dollin Baker 2G)

The Cutter, Echo & The Bunnymen (Rickk Howard, Lakai Fully Flared)

I Luv It, Young Jeezy (Brandon Biebel, Lakai Fully Flared)

Us, She Wants Revenge (Marc Johnson, Lakai Fully Flared)

All We Are, Fischerspooner (Marc Johnson, Lakai Fully Flared)

Venis in Furs, The Velvet Underground, (Tom Peny, Flip Sorry)

The Funeral, Band of Horses (Guy Mariano, Lakai Fully Flared)

No Cars Go, The Arcade Fire (Mike Mo Capaldi, Lakai Fully Flared)

John Henry Split My Heart, Songs:Ohia (Steve Berra, Alien Workshop Mindfield)

Goodbye, Horses. Q Lazzarus (Marc Johnson, Lakai Fully Flared)

Street Hassle, Lou Reed (Baker 3G)

Birth, The Faint (Steve Berra, DVS Skate More)

Crumble, Dinosaur Jr (Mikey Taylor, Alien Workshop Mindfield)

Coma Girl, Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros (Jason Adams, Enjoi Bag Of Suck)

Tainted Love, Gloria Jones (Patrick Melcher, Death: Better than Life)

In The Flowers, Animal Collective (Jason Dill, Alien Workshop Mindfield)



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