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The Tasty Turntable -- January 2015

Music has no rules. Slow, fast, new, old, anything goes as long as it is good. Here's a mix of what has been keeping our turntable happy in January.

We love the vibe on GTO by Puss N Boots (with Sasha Dobson on lead vocals and Norah Jones and Catherine Popper harmonizing). Also check out the retro vibe on Foxygen's great "How Can You Really."

We are also excited about new songs from several up and coming acts such as Adna ("Living"), 1987 ("Bomb"), and The Parades ("In the Moment").

And D'Angelo is killing it with his long-awaited release "Black Messiah".

Good stuff all around this month. For more, check out our blog at www.thetastyturntable.com



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