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Best Jukebox - Tribute to Betty Ann's Back Po

A couple of years ago, Jimmy "Buck" Cobb died. Buck and Betty Ann (the love of his life and his wife of 60 years) owned "Betty Ann's Back Porch" - the infamous juke joint off a dirt road about half way between Gainesville and Jacksonville, Florida.

The Porch (as the locals called it), was a down and dirty place with a small stage and the best jukebox on the eastern seaboard. People would drive for hundreds of miles for a taste of Betty Ann's fried catfish and corn muffins and to drop a few dollars into the jukebox.

The jukebox - a vintage Seeburg - was Buck's prize possession. For almost 50 years, Buck would hand pick the records that went into his cherished machine.

Buck's collection was immense and covered an amazing array of music. At any one time, the Seeburg would offer up most of the classic jukebox standards along with whatever the popular music of the day was. It ran the gamut from driving rock, to obscure R&B to jazz. The only requirement was that Buck had to like it and the customers had to play it.

About six months after Buck died, Betty Ann quietly closed down the Porch. A few weeks later, she invited us down to look through Buck's collection of music. We hopped on the first flight and headed off to Florida.

What we found was a treasure trove of some of the greatest songs ever to make a juke joint jump.

Sadly, Betty Ann passed away last week.To honor the memory of Buck and Betty Ann Cobb, we present this playlist. It represents only a small sample of their vast collection of music. We are still combing through the crates and will add more to the list from time to time.

In the meantime, raise your glasses and enjoy the music! Here's to you Buck and Betty Ann...



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