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UK #1 albums 1956-2011 updated weekly

Updated Sunday 28th August, 2011

One song from each #1 UK album since 1956. Updated weekly.

This weeks #1 for Sunday 28th August is Back to Black by Amy Winehouse.

Will Young, who kick-started his career by winning the first series of Pop Idol in 2002, nails the Official Albums Chart with Echoes, his third number one album, and sees new single Jealous debut at number five in the Official Singles Chart

The song chosen to represent Will Young's album on the list is "Jelousy".

To date, there has been over 15,000 albums which have charted, but only one gets the number 1 spot each week.

Each album in the list gets represented by its most popular track according to Spotify.

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Some interesting notes - up until about 1970, the charts were heavily dominated either by musical soundtrack albums or The Beatles. Therefore there are less tracks from this era. As an example, "South Pacific" was #1 for 60 weeks during the 50s and "Sound of Music" was at the top spot for 70 weeks in the 60's. Albums also tended to spend much longer at #1, or kept regaining the top slot shortly after losing it.

I have allowed some albums more than one appearance on the list if they regain their #1 spot more than 2 years after their previous success. "ABBA Gold" being just one example.

If the same song was the most popular on a first album, and then was also the most popular when re-charting on, for example, a "Best of" album, the next most popular song was chosen to represent that album. Hopefully this will mean no songs being repeated on the list.

I have taken each song from the original album if possible, but have also used re-issues or special releases if needed.

Some great albums are missing, from the likes of The Beatles, Bob Dylan, AC/DC and so on. One day we may get the opportunity to enjoy these artists on Spotify.



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