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Wes Anderson’s 12 Most Memorable Scenes

From Vulture.com:

"One of Wes Anderson's many signatures is his ability to create highly cinematic moments by pairing lost or unfamiliar music with perfectly composed imagery. And since Rushmore was just three lines scribbled in a notebook, music supervisor Randall Poster has been his collaborator on every film, finding just the right songs. Poster is in demand (recent credits alone include The Wolf of Wall Street, Divergent, and The Heat), but says that he's developed a special relationship with Anderson; they're in a constant dialogue, shaping characters and film tones through the music. So, with their latest partnership, The Grand Budapest Hotel, set to come out this weekend, we asked Poster to walk us through the music choices from some iconic Wes Anderson scenes, from the Faces’ "Ooh La La" at the end of Rushmore, to Margot Tenenbaum walking off the bus to Nico, to the Kinks sampler in The Darjeeling Limited."




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