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Z89 1985 (WJPZ)

WJPZ in Syracuse, New York remains one of the few college based radio stations owned and operated wholly by students. It has always had a hit radio or Top 40 format, with varying genres emphasized at different times during its history. It began in 1974, and in 1985, it signed on to the FM band at 89.1 FM, taking on the logo "Z89." Here is a representative sampling of the station's playlist for about the first year or so it was on the FM waves. Lots of MTV friendly tracks, as befitted the era. Many are well known, but there were a few "outliers" peculiar to Z89's format of edgy Top 40, which with time have become much more obscure than others...you'll note deep cuts from Nik Kershaw, Alison Moyet and The Bongos, things you will hardly hear these days on any "Eighties" format. There are also a bunch of "oldies" from 1984, 1983, maybe even 1982! Tracks were originally played on Fidelipac tape cartridges, or from actual vinyl 45 records on turntables! Enjoy.



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